Discover House On The Rock… Belong

We would not be able to do this great work without the sacrifice of many faithful Christians who volunteer their service and time in different respects to make it possible. Be part this great team, and join one of our volunteer units below:

Family Life
Comprising of the Children’s Church, Teen’s Church, 2-in-1 (for married people), Church in the Home (CITH – our cell system) and Alternative Service (our friday night outreach), the Family life Directorate caters for the different age groups etc, the directorate extends the reach of the Kingdom beyond the walls of the church.

Consisting of the Evangelism and Outreach Departments, the Prisons Ministry and Fourth Service ( our service to the inner city youth), these departments fulfill the commandment of Jesus to go into the world and make disciples of all men. The great success achieved in the prison outreach arm has led to the release of over 200 wrongfully incarcerated people and the birth of an NGO, The Rock Care Foundation.
They also provide free medical services and training to the inner city youth popularly known as ‘Area Boys’.

The Protocol department is responsible for the proper care and handling of guests of the ministry – local and international. Their dedication has seen them described by our many high profile international and local guests as one of the best they’ve met so far.

Rock Media
A picture is worth a thousand words… especially in the highly developed world of sight and sound that we live in. The Rock Media provides media coverage for all our services and events and produces the church program – Something Is About To Happen – aired on many local stations and in Europe.

The Rock Cathedral Gospel Choir
This is the Church choir. They are charge with the responsibility of creating an atmosphere conducive for the move of God in our services and meetings.

Media Stores
This department records and markets messages preached at the House On The Rock in various formats – audio tapes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs.

Making sure there is order in the house creates an avenue for the move of God in our midst. This daunting task is done by our ushering department

Prayer & Intercession
The business of prayer cannot be overlooked. This is keenly seen to by various units in our Prayer and Intercession directorate. They also organize the daily prayer meetings of the church and it’s all-night prayer meetings.

Rock Sound
This is the department responsible for sound reinforcement during our services and events.

The Rock Foundation Forces
This department provides parking and security services for the church and her guests. Some of  the members of this unit are military and police personnel.

Setting captives free is the primary essence of the prisons ministry. This is the testimony of over 200 wrongly incarcerated people who have regained their freedom through her legal efforts and are now going through restoration, rehabilitation and training.

Urban Alternative Service
This is an outreach to the inner-city youth (Area Boys) and the poor in our city. Every Sunday, hundreds are fed a decent meal and medical attention is provided free. Many are also trained in different vocations so that they can honestly contribute to the society.

Men of Honour & Woman To Woman
These units are the outreach arms of the ministry to men and women. They have specialized programs, power packed conferences and refreshing family-oriented events like Fun Day, The Rock Foundation Ball and The Empowerment Seminar, a self-improvement program where leaders who have distinguished themselves can empower people to walk in their God-ordained roles fulfilling His call on their lives.